The Lemon-X Legacy: Launched in 1962, Lemon-X was the very first liquid bar sour ever to hit the market.

From the very start, bars and restaurants around Manhattan and then the country have counted on this iconic mixer to boost their bottom line and make their customers happy.


The Juice Tyme Legacy: Founded in 1980, Juice Tyme has been an industry leader.

The company’s product categories include juice and juice drinks, thickened and enhanced waters, sport and energy drinks and more. The company’s Juice Pack® bag-in-box packaging innovation changed standards for freshness across the industry.

The Tropics Mixology Legacy: Known for its innovative line of cocktail mixers, natural fruit infusions, and smoothie mixes.
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In 2015, three beverage industry leaders, Lemon-X, Juice Tyme, and Tropics Mixology, combined their separate portfolios and became a new company: Bevolution Group.

Among the benefits of the integration of these powerful companies is that Bevolution Group will always maintain a small company culture that values high-touch and nimble service, but we are now large enough to serve our partners with scale that brings value to every transaction.

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